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July 2nd, 2010

pesto5Man alive, I have been “nesting” lately. Couldn’t tell you why. It’s just where I am right now. I’ve been fixing up our house…which really didn’t need to be fixed up, but I am making it prettier every day. My flowers are rockin it! I’ve made the strawberry jam and on my way to making blackberry jam. And this week…pesto!

I have never really eaten pesto. I have never made pesto. Couldn’t tell you the ingredients to save my life except for pine nuts…which is a bit comical because I did not use pine nuts in my pesto!

 Stone Gable’s Pesto Recipe


My basil plant


I cut off a good hunk of basil, and took it in and washed it.


My other ingredients


Here’s the deal with the nuts: I was in the grocery store, and the pine nuts I found were so expensive. My pantry is overflowing with almonds, pecans, and good ‘ole peanuts. I knew something  had to work as a replacement. In the comments I read on the Stone’s Gable blog, it seemed a couple of people used almonds. But then I thought…almonds are mighty expensive, too, and I enjoy those as a little snack in the car when I get hungry. And peanuts…they are cheap! Peanuts I used. Almonds I did not.


My pesto!

(and my sweet cutie putootie  – Rudi; he hunting for his froggy girlfriends)

I stored it in the refrigerator overnight. When it was time for dinner, I warmed it for 25 seconds in the microwave and served it over angel hair. No leftovers to freeze in olive oiled ice cube trays.

Check out how much basil I still have, and it’s still producing! I am making more this weekend! Mick loved it! Next, I will serve it with penne and grilled blackened chicken. Mmmmm


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  1. Diane Says:

    What did you use in place of locatelli cheese? Never heard of that cheese.

  2. Gayle Says:

    Yum! My basil is still tiny. I don’t know why it isn’t growing. :(

    I didn’t see Rudi at first. I’m glad you pointed him out!

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